keep control

A single place to manage subscription billing for your clients

Control every subscription

One place to see every subscription, exactly what each client spends per subscription, and to turn off unwanted subscriptions.

End the pain of updating cancelled cards

Add backup cards and bank accounts to ensure your subscriptions are never suspended. Update your card in one place.

A simple but powerful solution

One new credit card for every subscription makes it easy

Instantly make a new credit card

Need to buy a new subscription for a client? Generate a new AppBind credit card on the fly and buy. Simple as that.

Buy any online service that takes Visa

AppBind credit cards work for any subscription, software or media that takes Visa credit cards.

automated magic

Decide who pays—you or the client

Why juggle expenses for your clients? Pass subscription charges on automatically.

1. Sign up for a service

Go ahead, sign up for an online service you need. You can use your own referral links too!

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2. Create a credit card

The magic trick is we create a unique AppBind credit card for each subscription.

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3. Decide who pays

For each subscription, you decide who pays: you or your client.

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4. Add your mark up

Optionally earn revenue by adding management fees. Typically 20%.

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Serve your clients better

Buy and manage the online services you already recommend.

Why stall projects waiting for your clients to buy software and media you need? With AppBind, you can just buy these services for them.

Unblock your projects

Don't make your clients set themselves up on services. Do it for them, no more waiting.

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Buy any service needed

You're the expert! It's now easy to buy what you think serves your clients best.

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Add your mark ups

Add management fees for any service you sell with AppBind. How much? You choose!

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Earn more referral fees

Guarantee commissions by buying subscriptions for clients with your own referral links.

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Simple pricing so you make more money

We charge a flat rate plus the cost of the payment network

plus payment network costs
No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
Pay only for what you use
Clear, transparent fee reporting
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SaaS vendors. We can support your channel program.
Distributors. We can fulfill your reseller billing.
Bulk reseller. We can offer bulk pricing.
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You asked, we answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Email us at sales@appbind.com

Q: Who owns the subscription?

That's between you and your clients. You can create the AppBind card and sign up for subscriptions in your client's name as their agent or in your own.

Q: How much are the payment network fees?

If you pay with credit cards, it is usually 2.9% + $0.30 but could be as high as 4%. If you use ACH (direct bank payment), it's only $0.50.

Q: Will this work internationally?

Yes. You can be anywhere in the world that we can accept payment from.

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Meet the team

“When software vendors and their partners fight for who controls the customer, no one wins, least of all the customer.”
Sunir Shah — CEO of AppBind
Sunir Shah
Since 2007, Sunir has solved SaaS partnership problems at FreshBooks, Olark, and as President of the Cloud Software Association, the SaaS partnership network.
Joe Dennis
A serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Joe knows how to connect cloud software, most recently as CEO of itDuzzit (a cloud integration platform acquired by Intuit).