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“AppBind saved me a lot of time tracking subscriptions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for my clients. That time means more margin and profit for my agency.”
Rich Breymeier
“I sent out $2000 of cost recovery emails to move clients to AppBind. Not only are they onboarding, but clients love the idea of having all their subscriptions in one place.”
Cor Schutte
“I love AppBind's shared email that forwards everything to my client and me. I can log into apps without asking my client for the security code. Why did no-one think of this before!”
Noah Green

Deliver more, faster by gaining control of vendors.

Why waste time waiting for clients to sign up?

Create a new credit card to purchase any online subscription
Faster, simpler

Sign up faster with AppBind shared emails

All emails are forwarded to both you and your client automatically

Shared emails let you see every email verification, security code, product alert and invoice.

A faster way to let clients keep control

Don't wait for clients to make an email for you. Shared email addresses are created immediately, and they let clients control their own accounts.

Create a new credit card to purchase any online subscription
a simple, powerful solution

Never again use your credit card for clients' subscriptions

Decide who pays—you or your client

Every charge flows into your AppBind account to be tracked, expensed, and billed how you want it.

Keep clients safe

Never risk handling client credit cards again. Securely make purchases with credit cards you can control.

Then, grow your services business!

Less risk, more margin.

Keep control

Untangle your credit card to cut your financial risk

Track subscriptions clearly by client

No more confusion from looking at credit card statements. AppBind tracks each subscription expense individually by client.

Transfer subscriptions when offboarding

Cancel or transfer subscriptions to your clients easily. Never get a surprise charge from a subscription from a past client.

Automatically invoice and expense client subscriptions
A better business model

Increase your margins

Get client subscriptions off your books

Securely link your client’s payment method and automatically charge them.

Add a management fee—or a discount

Take control of your price for subscriptions you’re managing. Set and forget as prices are calculated and charged automatically.

Earn vendor commissions

You're in control of vendors. Build passive income when you register your own clients, or use your own referral links to sign up.


Simple pricing so you make more money

We charge a flat rate plus the cost of the payment network

plus payment network costs
No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
Pay only for what you use
Clear, transparent fee reporting
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SaaS vendors. We can support your channel program.
Distributors. We can fulfill your reseller billing.
Bulk reseller. We can offer bulk pricing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Email us at sales@appbind.com

Q: Is AppBind right for me?

Do you sell services to clients? If you need subscriptions to software, ads, or data to serve your clients, AppBind can help you grow.

Q: Who owns the subscription?

That's between you and your clients. You can create the AppBind card and sign up for subscriptions in your client's name as their agent or sign up yourself.

Q: How much are the payment network fees?

If you pay with credit cards, it is usually 2.9% + $0.30 but could be as high as 4%. If you use ACH (direct bank payment), it's free.

Q: Will this work internationally?

Yes. You can be anywhere in the world that we can accept payment from.

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Meet the team

“Clients hire you because they lack the time or expertise to navigate technology. Do more to take care of for them. They'll reward you for it."
Sunir Shah — CEO of AppBind
Sunir Shah
Since 2007, Sunir has solved SaaS partnership problems at FreshBooks, Olark, and as President of the Cloud Software Association, the SaaS partnership network.
Joe Dennis
A serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Joe knows how to connect cloud software, most recently as CEO of itDuzzit (a cloud integration platform acquired by Intuit).