I am thrilled to announce AppBind has closed our Pre-Seed financing thanks to our amazing angels and angel syndicates.

AppBind is a platform that allows subscription software (SaaS) to be sold through partners. We solved the biggest problem that has gummed up this entire channel.

If your partners can’t buy your software, how do they sell it to their customers? Partners do not want to get between the customer and the ongoing billing because it is an enormous accounting cost and financial risk. 

AppBind lets any partner buy any subscription on behalf of a customer without the financial risk, and without any engineering required from the software company. 

We launched in January 2020 and have been growing 16% month over month.

Thank you to our amazing angel investors.

500 StartupsUnpopular VenturesCapitoria, Ride Wave Ventures (Oleksiy Ignatyev, Ph.D.), Asymmetry Ventures

Steve Mendoza, Scott Resnick, Dean Foster, Eric Luhrs, Douglas Knights, James O’Donnell, Ivan StanojevicRavi RamakrishnanAndrew Armstrong⚡️Cody JonesEd SullivanSteven LarsenDerek GauNate GilmoreChris PyleStephen Ban, Scott Cowan, Adam Goodman

And our team Joe Dennis and Scott Wallace.


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