Running an agency is hard. Our friend Marquis Murray at Think Ditto spent a better part of a year collecting all the wisdom from his network of experst into the book “The Agency Problem: Why Your Organizations Small Issues Are Bigger Than You Think”.

We’re happy to have added lessons learnt from agencies who rely on AppBind.

Marquis explains the key elements of how to get your agency organized to scale.

  • Process documentation. Start documenting your process so its repeatable, able to be delegated, and can be productized.
  • Timelines and budgets. Covering your costs, maintaining profit, and estimating timelines is the bread and butter of operating an agency, but often the biggest risk. How do you do it well?
  • Scope creep. It’s never just one more revision away from being done. Learn how to stop and deliver. Define, manage and control your project scope to stay profitable.
  • Communication. Agencies are all about managing people, including your client. Never again assume communication has happened. From now on, always know you’re communicating effectively.
  • Talent management. Agencies are its people. Finding, keeping, managing, and developing your team is the highest calling of an agency owner. Build a culture that’s worth working for and that delivers for clients.

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