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So, how do you buy a subscription on behalf of a customer with AppBind?

That’s what AppBind is all about! When you want to buy a subscription for yourself or your customer, AppBind gives you the necessary keys to manage the subscription.

Well, then, what is a subscription? What keys do you use every day to manage your subscriptions?

  • The email you use to sign up
  • The password to log in
  • The credit card to pay for the subscription

AppBind makes it easy to manage these per subscription, per customer.

AppBind lets you manage subscriptions on behalf of your customers

AppBind creates a shared virtual email, a shared password, and a shared virtual credit card that lets you buy a subscription that is managed in AppBind, tracked and organized centrally, and easily transferrable to your customer with a click.

Shared virtual email. Asking your customer for an email to sign up can take a long time. Using one of your own makes it difficult to hand off the subscription to your customer.AppBind issues you a shared virtual email to sign up for subscriptions that forwards account emails to both you and your customer. This lets you manage all email verifications, account management, password resets and billing. Meanwhile, your customer has equal access to control this administrative account.

💡 Tip. AppBind doesn’t initially forward emails to your customer. We wait until you explicitly turn this on or transfer the subscription. This lets you set up the software completely before the customer has access to it. This provides a more professional experience to your customers.

Shared passwords. AppBind also lets you generate and store passwords for the administrative account that you can share with your customers or other staff with access. If you’re using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password, that’s great too! For customers that don’t share the same password manager, you can use AppBind to store the shared password securely for hand off to your customers.

Shared virtual credit card. The biggest risk managing your customers’ subscriptions is being stuck in the middle of their bills. AppBind lets you set up an expense account that your customers fund. Then, AppBind creates virtual credit cards that allows you to purchase subscriptions on behalf of your customers and automatically expense your customers.We create one virtual credit card per subscription. Just use this virtual credit card on the billing form of the subscription where it asks for a credit card.

AppBind will track all charges and expense your customers automatically. You can also add your own service fees on top.

In the case where you are covering the customers’ subscription costs, AppBind lets you pay for their subscriptions. We track every single charge organized by customer in one place so your bookkeeping is easy. We also make it easy to cancel or transfer subscriptions by customer so you stop carrying charges from customers who have long since left.

Transferring subscriptions to your clients

Finally, because the subscription is managed in AppBind, you can transfer control and billing of the subscription to your customer with a click, without having to spend a day updating billing across their entire stack, and without interrupting their operations. You can also cancel or suspend payment for a customer’s entire subscription stack in one place to stop any financial risk from a customer who has ended their relationship.


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