If you or any of your customers have payment failures, these will be highlighted on your dashboard.


You can click on the account name to go to that customer’s page. Click on the Funding tab to see their funding sources. When you move the pointer over the Warning icon, you’ll see the problem. 


You can also search for all customers with funding issues on the Customers page:

  1. Click Customers on the main left menu.

  1. Turn on the Funding issues only switch to see which clients have funding problems.

  1. Click the customer’s name (under Account name) to go to that customer’s page.


You also get notifications in AppBind when you are charged.  Click on the Bell icon in the upper-right corner of the window to launch the list, and under Notifications, search for “Funding source failures” that are “Warnings”.

You’ll find the details for the notification when you click the magnifying glass icon.  A typical notification might say something like this:

We were unable to charge a credit card for your customer (Bluth Company) $31.38. Last decline reason: The card has been declined for an unknown reason. Their credit card ending in 1189 was declined, but we were able to charge a backup funding source.  Please ask them to contact their bank to make sure that this card is active. 

Note: If you are backing up your customer’s funding source(s), you’ll be charged if their funding sources cannot be charged successfully.  One place you can see this is on the Reports tab in the Charges report.  If you’ve covered a customer’s payment, you’ll see a charge to “Me” on this report.  You can hover over the charge to get more details.



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