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Make it unbelievably easy for partners to sell your software. Don’t waste time and engineering on billing and account management.

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Subscription Orders let partners easily buy for their customers!

Why are subscriptions so painful to sell through partners?

Subscriptions create a lot of risk for everyone.

Who owns the data?

How do partners sign up and manage accounts, but let customers own and control their data? Are partners really liable for years of data records keeping by law?

Who pays for the recurring bill?

Partners lose money on bookkeeping carefully tracking ever-changing subscription charges, and if they get hit with recurring charges after a customer leaves them.

Why refer when it frustrates customers?

Your plumber doesn’t make you buy your own pipes. Why must partners force customers to buy their own software? Frustrated customers reject both the partner and you.

Painless partner billing

Let your partners get the software they need for customers, without the risk.

No engineering

AppBind works with your existing sign up, account and billing systems already. No engineering, no integrations required.

No pain

Partners sign up, but customers own their data. Partners purchase, but customers pay—automatically.

More revenue

Empower partners to build managed service businesses on your platform. They’ll bring you into every deal.


The Subscription Order makes it simple

A simple form that does all the work

Just drop in our form that walks step-by-step your partners through sign up and purchase for a customer.

Let partners sell the way they want

Make the customer pay or put it on their retainer? Add a markup or a discount or pass through at cost? AppBind makes it easy.


Customer billing is clear and simple

Customers approve purchases

Customers are sent the Subscription Order to authorize the partner to purchase on their behalf.

Partners manage customer payments

Customers can connect their credit card, ACH, or bank accounts to pay how they want all with zero changes to your billing system.

Partners sign up, but customers own their subscriptions

No engineering, no changes to your billing or account systems required.


Shared emails mean no changes to your account system

Partners sign up, but customers own their accounts.

AppBind creates a shared email and a shared password that lets partners sign up on behalf of a customer.

AppBind shared emails let both partners and customers manage accounts

Both the partner and the customer are forwarded all sign up and product emails so both can manage the account.

appbind sign up billing form


Virtual cards mean no changes to your billing system

Partners no longer risk their own credit card

Partners purchase with a virtual credit card instead of their own credit card, so AppBind can automate billing to the customer.

Partners decide who pays and how

The partner can pay on their retainer or expense to the customer automatically, with a mark up or a discount.

Professional and organized for partners and customers

Open the door for partners to earn service revenue


Partners earn service revenue painlessly!

Automatically expense or charge to retainer

Partners can include your subscription in their retainer or expense them through automatically to their customers.

Add a management fee—or a discount

Partners can add mark ups or discounts. Set and forget, as prices are calculated and charged automatically without manual bookkeeping.

appbind saas billing client transfer


All subscriptions in one place

Customers see and control all subscriptions in one place

Go to market seamlessly with other technology partners. Across the entire project, every subscription is organized in one place, owned by the customer.

Transfer subscriptions when offboarding

Subscriptions are transferred to the customer’s control at the end of a project with a click of a button.

Flexible commissions and margins—done right.

Keep your partners’ commissions off your customers’ bills!


Pay your partners a percentage of their sales as a rebate. Tier rebates to reward successful partners.

Bulk and international resellers

Offer bulk discounts and onboard international resellers with bulk credit.

Account credit

Offer discounts on future sales to reward successful partners with greater margins automatically.

Trusted by your partners to grow their businesses

“AppBind saved me a lot of time tracking subscriptions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for my clients. That time means more margin and profit for my agency.”

Rich Breymeier Flashpoint Digital

“I moved clients to AppBind and got $2000 of recurring expenses off my books. Turns out, clients love the idea of having all their subscriptions in one place.”

Cor Schutte Prettysimpl ‍

“I love AppBind’s shared email that lets me log into apps without asking my client for the security code. Why did no one think of this before!”

Noah Green KOAHdigital


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“Clients hire you because they lack the time or expertise to navigate technology. Do more to take care of for them. They’ll reward you for it.”

Sunir Shah CEO

Since 2007, Sunir has solved SaaS partnership problems at FreshBooks, Olark, and as President of the Cloud Software Association , the SaaS partnership network.

Joe Dennis CTO

A serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Joe knows how to connect cloud software, most recently as CEO of itDuzzit (a cloud integration platform acquired by Intuit).

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