Introducing service billing with AppBind

Now you can bill your clients for your own monthly service retainers, one-time setup fees, and project fees inside AppBind.

AppBind now allows you to bill your services

When you expense your clients’ software stacks and ads with AppBind, include your own package rates on the same Subscription Order.

subscription app manager

Add your monthly retainers. As you build and manage systems out for your clients, AppBind now lets you add your own sticky, long-term retainers. Add your monthly retainers. As you build and manage systems out for your clients, AppBind now lets you add your own sticky, long-term retainers.

subscription app manager billing

Bill your one-time set up fees or project fees. Bill your clients whenever you need to by charging one-time fees. For instance, bill for set-up fees at the start of a project; or bill as you deliver each phase of your project.

subscription manager app

Expense subscription costs directly to clients or include them in retainers. You can now decide what subscriptions you include in your retainers and which ones you bill through directly to your clients.

Subscription app manager

Keep a recurring budget for your project in AppBind. Give your client a transparent budget that tops itself up as needed for services and subscriptions. Set a monthly spending limit to show your clients the expenses will be under control.

Subscription app manager

Send clients professional orders for approval. Bill your clients for your entire project, services and subscriptions, on a single professional order for your client’s approval and payment.Keep a recurring budget for your project in AppBind.

Request access for service billing

We are excited to release service billing since so many AppBind customers have requested this feature.

To request access to service billing for your account, navigate to the Catalog section of AppBind, and click on Services.

request appbind service billing

Click on “I’D LIKE TO BETA SERVICE BILLING” button and fill out the form to request the service billing feature turned on in your AppBind account.

Have any questions?

Have any questions about getting started with the new service billing features?

Send us a message to our team at

Get your digital under control with AppBind

AppBind is always here to help you get the digital under control, so your digital agency can get under control.

With services billing, AppBind has made a giant leap forward to helping your agency scale revenue with sticky recurring retainers.

Make your clients happier.

Take the burden of managing software systems and funnels off your clients’ shoulders.

Haven’t signed up for AppBind yet?

Sign up here to get your free access to your AppBind portal.

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