With AppBind, you can manage subscriptions for both you and your customers.

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Your Monthly Statements

AppBind keeps records of every transaction on your My statements page so you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping for yourself or your customers.


The statements are generated monthly. You can pick which month to report on from the Statement drop-down list, and generate a CSV text file from the Download Statement button:

Statement summary

Each statement includes a summary of your account balance as well, showing your

  • Beginning balance at the start of that month
  • Payments you’ve made through that month
  • Received money you’ve gotten that month
  • Charges by subscription and service vendors that month
  • Payouts made back to you that month
  • Ending balance to close out the month


The statement shows the following details for each transaction:

  • Date of each transaction
  • Who the transaction was for; either yourself or one of your customers
  • App, the subscription vendor responsible for the transaction if any
  • Cost for an App charge
  • Revenue earned by you
  • AppBind fees incurred by this transaction
  • CC fees incurred (fees are passed through if paying by credit card)
  • Payment made for a specific subscription, or to top up a balance
  • Funding method for the the payment or payout
  • Payout amount to you
  • Your Balance at the end of this transaction

Why was I charged?

If you are paying for subscriptions with an ACH (US bank account) payment source, your bank statements won’t indicate what a specific charge was for.
That’s because AppBind manages the complexity of multiple types of transactions, including:
  • subscription charges
  • markups
  • vendor commissions
  • payouts
  • refunds
  • chargebacks
The best way to see exactly what is going on to look at your AppBind monthly statement.  Here you’ll see each individual charge to your bank account, and the corresponding subscription charge in AppBind. (See the example figure below.)
If you are using budgets, your bank account or credit card will be charged when your balance goes below the threshold you specified in AppBind.  You can see these top-up charges in your AppBind statement.

Charges report

Since every charge depends on an underlying subscription charge, we show you the subscription charges in a separate report. Click on My charges in the main left menu to get to that report:

The charge history lists each transaction by app.

  • Date the transaction occurred
  • App that this transaction is for
  • App charge amount for the transaction
  • AppBind fees incurred by the transaction
  • Credit card fees incurred by the transaction
  • Total cost of the transaction

You can also do a search by app name or time frame (From date and To date), and you can download the statement as a CSV text file from the Download Charges button on the top right.

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