One of the big advantages of AppBind is that it itemizes subscription charges by customer, which makes bookkeeping and expense tracking so much easier as a consultant or agency. 

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Your customer’s app charges

When you go into the Customer details view for each customer, under the Reports tab, the Subscription charges report shows you charges specifically for that customer.

You can search your customer’s charge history by app name or time frame (From date and To date), and you can download the statement as a CSV text file from the Download Charges button on the top right.

The following details are displayed for each transaction:

  • Date of the transaction
  • App name
  • App charge for the transaction
  • Your Markup for management fees or your discount
  • AppBind fees incurred by the transaction
  • Credit card (CC) fees incurred by the transaction
  • Total billed to the customer if they are paying, or to you if you are paying
  • Rebate earned from the subscription vendor
  • Your Profit (or loss) from this transaction

Note: Your customers don’t see all these columns in their account.
(See Where do my customers see their billing history in AppBind?)

Your monthly statements show all your customer transactions

AppBind keeps a record of every transaction on your My statements page so you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping for yourself or your customers.

You can see all your customers’ transactions from your statements. For a specific customer’s transaction, look at the Who column: 


For more on your statements, see Where do I see my billing history of charges in AppBind? 



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