AppBind sends an email notification to you (and your customer if they are paying) when a subscription charge fails. Look for emails from AppBind <>

See also Where can I see AppBind notifications?

Reasons for a subscription charge failure include the following:

  • An incorrect payment method was used.
  • The subscription is suspended or canceled.
  • An invalid merchant name was entered.
  • The purchase was for an invalid type (category) of product or service.

Payment failure

The usual cause of a subscription charge failure is that you or your customer don’t have any working funding sources on file in AppBind to pay for subscriptions. 

Please correct your funding sources (i.e., a working credit card or US bank account). Usually subscription vendors will retry a transaction within 72 hours. If not, you can ask the vendor to retry the charge.

If this was the first time, once the source of the failure is resolved, you can retry the transaction.

Otherwise, contact

See also

Subscription canceled or suspended

If you have suspended or canceled a subscription, or all subscriptions for a customer, we will deny all transactions for those subscriptions. 

If you have transferred subscriptions to a customer and they have not accepted after seven days or have not set up a funding source, their subscription charges will fail.

Merchant name changes

There’s nothing worse than having to explain to a client that they were charged due to theft that was your responsibility to manage. That’s why AppBind locks virtual credit cards to the subscription app vendor you pick. This secures the virtual credit card against theft. 

Sometimes the subscription app vendor changes its “Merchant name”, which is how it identifies itself to the payment network. This makes it look to our system like a suspicious transaction. We have staff and processes to review changes like this.  Sometimes, the transaction will be denied if we do not believe we can trust the change.

Usually subscription vendors will retry a transaction within 72 hours. In most cases, AppBind will have approved the merchant name change in this time. We will notify you once we make a decision. If the subscription charge is not retried, you can ask the vendor to retry the charge.

Invalid category

AppBind is a subscription manager, meant to let you manage purchasing digital services. If you are attempting to buy physical goods or services, the transaction will fail. 

Sometimes digital services are misconfigured. They identify themselves as the wrong type of product to the payment network. AppBind will review these failures. We will notify you once we make a decision.



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