Andres from Superlative Creative Shared Insights into Helping Marketing Agencies

Thanks for the Insights Andres!

Andres Cuellar from Superlative Creative, joined us at the Agency Connect podcast to add value to our audience.

Here’s a value bomb shared by Andres:

“We try to help clients present themselves in the best way possible and show that online whether that’s video, social media, SEO, etc. Have a strategy on what you’re going to post and why you’re going to post it on social media.”

“What are your key metrics you should be executing on? It’s important to answer this question by having a game plan on how to execute on achieving the metrics you want to achieve. That’s what we do for clients. We create a strategy doc helping everyone get on the same page, know how results will get generated, and then grow from there.”

Check out more of the value bombs shared by Andres in this episode!

Thank you Andres Cuellar from Superlative Creative for your candid and honest story at another Agency Connect podcast.

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