Take care of your clients faster—without getting stuck in the billing.

Deliver faster. Burden clients less. Sign up for software and ads for your clients, but expense your clients automatically.

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How does it work?

Never wait for clients

Stop nagging clients to sign up for their software and ads. Do it for them, keep control, and deliver faster.

Get clients off your credit card

AppBind gives you virtual cards to pay for client subscriptions that pass the charges to your client.

Organize your clients’ subscriptions

Clients can track and keep ownership of all their subscriptions in one place.

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Learn how AppBind helps you
manage client subscriptions easier


Never again put client subscriptions on your credit card.

  • Buy software and ads with AppBind virtual credit cards funded by your clients, so you’re not stuck in the middle of the billing.
  • Do you have to pay? Create a AppBind virtual card for each client. We’ll take care of the expense tracking automatically.
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We keep you both in the loop with shared emails

  • Never wait again for clients to sign up for subscriptions and invite you again.
  • Create a shared email that forwards emails to both you and your client, so you can sign up for and manage subscriptions for your clients.


Transfer subscriptions to your clients with a click.

  • All subscriptions you set up for clients are organized in one place.
  • Offboard quickly and professionally. Transfer (or cancel) all your client’s subscriptions to them with a click.
appbind saas billing client transfer


Your path to new revenue for your agency

  • You can automatically bill subscriptions to your retainer or expense them automatically to your client.
  • You can markup the subscriptions to include your management fee or pass along discounts to your clients.


Set up client subscriptions quickly

  • Setup client subscriptions in minutes with our easy to follow step-by-step process.
  • See just how easy it is by watching our demo video using ActiveCampaign as an example.
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Trusted by consultants and agencies to grow their businesses

“AppBind saved me a lot of time tracking subscriptions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for my clients. That time means more margin and profit for my agency.”

Rich Breymeier Flashpoint Digital

“I moved clients to AppBind and got $2000 of recurring expenses off my books. Turns out, clients love the idea of having all their subscriptions in one place.”

Cor Schutte Prettysimpl

“I love AppBind’s shared email that lets me log into apps without asking my client for the security code. Why did no one think of this before!”

Noah Green KOAHdigital


Pricing and Features

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  • 1% plus payment network fees
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Clear, transparent fee reporting
  • Includes client billing
  • Includes expense tracking
  • Includes subscription management


Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Email us at

Q: Does AppBind cost me anything to use?

Your account is free with no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. We only have a 1% fee for the charges we process.

Q: Why would my clients like that I use AppBind?

You have one job: take care of your clients. Your clients rely on you as their trusted expert, so don’t waste their time subscribing to the software or ad platforms you need. That would be like a plumber making you go down to the hardware store to buy your own pipes and gaskets. That’s a burden your clients need you to handle for them.

Q: How much are the payment network fees?

If you pay with credit cards, it is usually 2.9% + $0.30 but could be as high as 4% for international transactions. If you use ACH (direct bank payment), it’s free.

Q: Can I accept payments internationally?

Yes. You can be anywhere in the world that we can accept payment from.

Q: Who owns the subscription—me or my client?

Your clients own their own data and therefore their subscriptions. Your only role is to simply act as their agent, purchasing on their behalf. Give clients peace of mind knowing all their subscriptions are organized in one place, under their control with AppBind.

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simplifies your life

We want to make it easier to work with clients, get the tools you need, and keep the relationship with them positive.

  • See how you add new clients to the platform
  • Find out how easy it is to set up new subscriptions for clients
  • Learn how you work with your clients to manage their subscriptions
  • See how you manage billing with clients
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Meet the team

“Clients hire you because they lack the time or expertise to navigate technology. Do more to take care of for them. They’ll reward you for it.”

Sunir Shah CEO

Since 2007, Sunir has solved SaaS partnership problems at FreshBooks, Olark, and as President of the Cloud Software Association , the SaaS partnership network.

Joe Dennis CTO

A serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Joe knows how to connect cloud software, most recently as CEO of itDuzzit (a cloud integration platform acquired by Intuit).