AppBind’s vision

What is more rewarding than helping small businesses get on their feet? 

AppBind helps digital consultants and agencies set up and manage technology for their clients. We make it easy for agencies to build marketing funnels that make an ecommerce dream come true, or roll out the IT of a law firm so they can go remote without missing a beat, or transform a local restaurant so they can take reservations and orders online.

Our customers, the consultants and agencies, are small businesses too and they also need help. We are looking for a director of marketing communications who understands how hard it is to start an agency and grow it and can speak to their pain.


The Opportunity

AppBind is looking for a Director of Marketing Communications. You will oversee our marketing communications strategy at AppBind by rolling out our content strategy, social media strategy, newsletters, event marketing, and marketing automation.

Lead the marketing to grow a product our customers love. The ideal candidate is process driven, leverages technology, and knows how to keep it simple. 


What you will do?

  • Oversee the marketing communications strategy at the company, develop business requirements, deliver to stakeholders a plan, and report on its progress
  • Map a content strategy and editorial calendar, and organize the production of content.
  • Manage a content promotion programme including guest blog posting, podcast bookings, and social media.
  • Set up and manage the marketing automation for our newsletter, drip emails, and tracking
  • Develop assets to be lead magnets and sales collateral to build an acquisition funnel
  • Monitor and tackling tech debt while adjusting priorities accordingly 
  • Partner with stakeholders to ensure proper resource planning, briefing, scoping and reporting is in place.

What we can promise you?

We’re a super-positive, caring company that believes helping other people is what life is about; and helping people that help others is even better.

We have compelling salaries and health benefits. This is an incredible growth opportunity. Show your leadership to help us scale the impact of insight across our organization. 

Remote acceptable, Toronto preferred.

Apply here

Email us to apply


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